The information age is driven by people seeking greater accuracy and more control. We’re bringing ultra-high fidelity into everyday environments – not just offering more precise and intuitive control over devices, but feeding back richer information and insights than ever before.

We have developed the first technology to dynamically shape and sculpt soundwaves in real-time. Metasonics does for sound what LCDs have done for light. In other words, we take a single speaker and make it sound like an array of several hundred speakers.

Find out more about the research underpinning Metasonics, as published in Nature Communications.

Traditionally, there are two ways to control the distribution of acoustic fields. Fixed lenses can only perform a single function, such as creating a static field. Phased arrays, as used in medical ultrasound scanners, allow for independent control of several different amplitudes and phases. However, phased arrays are often bulky and expensive, with cost and complexity scaling linearly with the number of channels.


Metasonics introduces a solution that is compact, reconfigurable, comparatively cost effective and uniquely scalable. Our unique patented solution has the potential to be disruptive across a broad range of applications - anywhere that manipulation of acoustic fields in real time could be beneficial. It would enable step changes to be made in a diverse range of ultrasonic applications, and would fill an obvious gap in a variety of consumer products, providing a mainstay alternative to acoustic lenses and phased arrays. We believe that Metasonics technology may one day become as ubiquitous as the LCD screen.


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