Who are we?

Metasonics technology has been developed by a team of researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Sussex in the UK. Find out more below. 


Prof Sriram Subramanian


Sriram is a Professor of Informatics at the University of Sussex, where he leads a research group on novel interactive systems. He is passionate about researching new forms of interactive device that will help expand their users' input and output bandwidth. 


He is also the co-founder of Ultrahaptics; the first company to give users the ability to touch and feel objects in mid-air using ultrasound waves to create haptics. In 2016, Ultrahaptics won the Royal Academy of Engineering award for outstanding contributions to engineering in the last 4 years.

Prof Bruce W. Drinkwater


Bruce is Professor of Ultrasonics at the University of Bristol. His work spans the interaction of ultrasound with thin layers, and interfaces, acoustic radiation force devices for micro and macro scale applications and acoustic metamaterials and their applications. The techniques he developed for ultrasonic array imaging are now widely used in industry. 


He is also the co-founder of Ultrahaptics, and has received several awards, including the Roy Sharpe Award for his contribution to nondestructive testing and a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award for his work on particle manipulation.

Dr Gianluca Memoli


Gianluca is a Lecturer in Informatics at the University of Sussex. He has been working in acoustics for the past 15 years, both at ultrasonic and audible frequencies, and in medical, environmental and industrial applications.


He is excited by the new possibilities that metamaterials afford us to take greater control of sound. A passionate science communicator, he is an amateur thespian and a proud father of two boys.

Dr Mihai Caleap


Mihai is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol and an international leader in his field. He recently acted as external consultant for NASA’s MaterialsLab Open Science Campaign for Experiments on the International Space Station, and for ANR's (French National Research Agency) Projects for Science.


Mihai also founded Wave Engineering Bristol – a workshop series that promotes, shares, and discusses theory and applications of wave engineering in physical contexts.

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